Material Steel sheet, galvanized on both sides, protected with polyester
Nominal thickness One side painted steel 0.40 - 0.60 mm
SSAB double-painted steel 0.60 mm
Aluzinc: 0.50 - 0.60 mm
Total/usable width 92,9 mm
Rebate height 9,3 mm
Production lengths 1,25 m | 1.50 m | 1.75 m | 2.00 m
Glossy finish warranty 10-year warranty for colour and corrosion
Matte finish warranty 15-year warranty for colour and corrosion
Wood finish warranty 15-year warranty for colour and corrosion
GrandeMat finish warranty 30-year warranty for colour and corrosion
SSAB double painted steel warranty 30-year warranty for corrosion and
15 yeara for colour
Aluzinc warranty 25-year warranty for corrosion
Lifespan 60 years, resistance to temperature variations

BILKA fence slats were designed as a modern alternative to the traditional (wooden) fence slats. BILKA metal slats will give your fence a distinct look, and will last for a longer time, without any maintenance concerns, as in the case of wooden slats. 

Build your fence with BILKA fence slats and you will get the strength and durability of steel, but also the unmatched esthetics offered by a rich range of colors and finishes, regardless of the type of slat you choose: painted on both sides or painted on one side only.  BILKA fence slats can be produced from prepainted steel sheet (available in four finishes), SSAB steel sheet painted on both sides, and also Aluzinc.


  • Lifespan of up to 60 years
  • Low maintenance (does not require varnishing or repainting)
  • Rebates (increased strength to mechanical strain)
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Customized lengths may be produced
  • Wide range of colors

Glossy finish

Matte finish

GrandeMat Finish

Wood Finish


SSAB double-painted steel

Colours may appear differently on different screens. If in doubt, please ask a BILKA representative to show you the color chart.