The ROMANIC roof tiles are made of zinc-plated (Z225-Z275) shaped steel sheet with thicknesses between 0.50 and 0.60 mm, coated with a single layer of glossy or matte paint. The ROMANIC metallic roof tiles can be delivered with lengths between 500 mm and 7000 mm.

The ROMANIC metallic roof tiles are manufactured in a wide range of colors. This is a product that distinguishes itself by its 30 mm high profile.  Due to its style and durability, this model can be used for new constructions, but also for historic monuments or Roman style constructions hundreds of years old.

The innovative joining system allows the overlapping of the roof tile modules on both sides, significantly simplifying the installation process and reducing installation costs.


Technical characteristics

Material Mindkét oldalt horganyzott acéllemez, amelyet poliészter véd
Standard thickness 0,5 - 0,6 mm 
Total width 1140 mm

Usable width

1020 mm
Module length 350 / 400 mm
Total height 62 mm
Weight per area 4 - 5 kg / sqm
Minimum slope 8° if no diagonal joints are necessary / 14° in the case of diagonal joints
Glossy finish warranty 10-year warranty for colour characteristics and corrosion
Matte finish warranty 15-year warranty for colour characteristics and corrosion
GrandeMat finish warranty 30-year warranty for colour characteristics and corrosion
Estimated life cycle
60 years for the roof, withstands temperature fluctuations


Glossy Finish

Matte Finish

GrandeMat Finish

Colours may appear differently on different screens. If in doubt, please ask a BILKA representative to show you the color chart.