Material Steel, galvanized sheet metal on both sides protected with polyester
Nominal thickness 0,4 – 1,0 mm
Total width 1100 mm
Covering useful width 1060 mm
Corrugation height 35 mm
Minimum slope 8° if no diagonal joints are necessary / 14° in the case of diagonal joints
Weight on the surface 3 – 12,5 kg/sqm
Glossy finish warranty 10-year warranty for colour characteristics and corrosion
Matte finish warranty 15-year warranty for colour characteristics and corrosion
Wood finish warranty 15-year warranty for colour characteristics and corrosion
GrandeMat finish warranty 30-year warranty for colour characteristics and corrosion
Estimated life cycle 60 years for the roof, withstands temperature fluctuations

Product description

T35 BILKA corrugated sheet metal is manufactured in steel sheet, galvanized on both sides and protected with polyester.

The high-quality raw materials allow the use of metal sheet in the façade covering especially of commercial and industrial buildings. It can be mounted on the roof as a coating. The height of the corrugation is 35mm.

BILKA also produces the T35 corrugated steel sheet with DR!PSTOP, which is a special anti-condensation membrane that is fixed onto the inner side of the metal panel during the automatic manufacturing process. Thanks to the interlaid polyester fibers used for its manufacturing, this membrane enables the control of the condensation on metal panels. The material is capable of absorbing the condensate drops which subsequently evaporate into the air.

Production specifications

  • BILKA T35 corrugated sheet metal is made with a nominal thickness between 0.4 – 1 mm, based on the construction requirements
  • The standard length of the modules ranges from 0.500 m and 13.5 m. Execution of the modules with different lengths from the standard ones will be made after prior consultation with the technical specialist from BILKA.
  • BILKA produces corrugated steel sheet T35 in a wide range of colors

Glossy Finish

Matte Finish

GrandeMat Finish

Wood Finish